All data collected from our website are compliant with any or every EU law and do not intend to harm any person or persons living outside the Indian subcontinent. We follow all the rules and regulations as per the General Data Protection Regulation and ensure that none of the data that is collected by us harms anyone in the EU region. As an Indian company with various clients in the European belt we ensure to protect all sensitive information and not cause any data insecurity to our clients. We abide by all the prescribed rules as stated in the international law and pledge to follow all of it without causing any harm on the internet.
Personal and Non-Personal Information
No information of your name, age, gender, country will be used by any third-party applications collected from our website.
We will not share any information entered by you or transfer it to any third-party for any commercial use.
All data collection will be used by us to understand the demography of our clients only.
All email addresses and related information will be stored in our data vault for the purpose of our audience insights only.
We are compliant with all norms to encrypt all data entered into our website.
We shall abide by all privacy bills and platform neutrality as our best practices to ensure data safety.
Our personal data framework will ensure to protect individual’s data that is collected on visiting our website.
All changes in our privacy will be updated on our website and we reserve the right to change our privacy policies.
All our projects and data follow a strong privacy ecosystem so that our clients experience a seamless experience and hassle-free product delivery.
AlgoDIV makes sure that all data is free from intruders. All projects and software created by our developers are of premium standards that helps grow your business.
Secure the stability of your product
Our unique system to work with the best technological frameworks like Angular, Laravel and much more helps us secure each and every project for our clients to remain assured about the stability of their projects.
Ensure optimum perfomance and speed
We help create the most efficient software for each of our clients that helps them get fast and premium results of their investment as each project is designed to reach optimal speed.