Privacy Policy
At Infozion Technology, we ensure that we take full responsibility to protect the data that we collect from the visitors of our website as well as those sharing information for any queries. We believe in full transparency of the data that we collect and make sure to let our visitors know about the same. We also make sure that all the data collected does not hamper any individuals from any caste/creed/gender/race/religion and it is used solely for the purpose of our business insights and understand the interaction that our visitors tend to do with us. As a company operating from India, we ensure that all our privacy policies safeguard the interests of the citizens of the country and at the same time do not discriminate against anyone or anything from choosing our services. All data collected from this website is used only for internal purposes and no data is shared with any third-party platforms We ensure that all the data that we collect is not commercialised and stays within the data vault of our organisation. All contact information or locations that we acquire will be used for the improvisation of all our business matters and none of it will be sold for any commercial purposes. We assure to keep any communication with our organisation discreet and none of this information will be communicated nor charred with any other party. We only acquire data with your consent and we ensure to adhere to the Privacy Shield framework. We also follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We provide the same standards of protection of data no matter where you are from or which country you reside.
Cookies and data collection
Infozion Technology uses cookies to ensure that you have a seamless experience on our website and are able to explore each of our pages without any interruptions. We do not collect information nor let any third-party pages to collect information from our website. When you accept cookies to explore our website you consent to give us the right to store your information to use it for our internal purposes and use it to develop the experience of our users. As a technology company we are constantly using new versions and updating our website to give a better experience to our users. However we make sure to do our best to protect your information through our platform that uses maxim security measures to protect data.